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General conditions

Mentrex Lemac B.V., is acting onbehalf of its clients as a Forwarding, Customs Agent
and (Customs bonded) Storage.

Mentrex and all its affiliates expressly point out that they will not accept shipments of counterfeit products, decoded and/or recoded products. Mentrex shall be entitled, in those cases where such products do reach its warehouse, or at least products suspected to be counterfeit products decoded and/or recoded products, to immediately inform the trademark owner and the customs authorities of the receipt of such shipment, accompanied by all specifications, photographs, correspondence and documents. In addition, Mentrex shall be entitled to suspend all further work in respect of such shipment(s) and to hold the shipment(s) in its custody until the trademark owner and/or the customs authorities have provided Mentrex with further instructions, without prejudice to the liability of Mentrex' client for all costs incurred and to be incurred by Mentrex.

All our activities are subject to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version, as deposited by FENEX (Dutch Organisation for forwarding and logistics) with the District Courts of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Contrary to art. 23 Dutch Forwarding Conditions all disputes shall be exclusively resolves by the competent Court in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For payment the general conditions of Transport and Logistics The Netherlands, latest version, as deposited with the District Court of The Hague apply.

These conditions are available upon request.

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