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Road haulage

At Mentrex Lemac BV, we have an extensive fleet of various road vehicles suitable for the transportation of goods to any destination.

We transport goods using the following types of equipment:

  • standard 13.6 m trailers (curtain sider, tilt trailer, box trailers, and temperature-controlled trailers)
  • bulk trailers
  • container trucks / 45FT pallet wide containers
  • tank trailers suitable for chemicals and other unpacked bulk goods
  • specialised transport for oversized and/or heavyweight cargo
  • courier service
  • distribution of small deliveries in the city area

We also cooperate with road transport companies to guarantee our clients the most suitable and efficient solution for any road haulage assignment.

Ferry services between the continent and the UK are at our disposal and can also be called upon for bulk trailers, tank containers, flats, and containers.

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